Sort the Home Load & Get Your Mojo Back

working multitasking mum
Based on Eve Rodsky’s book, Fair Play, these workshops provide a game-changing solution to managing the “Home Load” with humour, grace and diplomacy.

The women-only workshops put a fun and practical spin on what is otherwise a challenging topic. Participants come away with greater insight into their State of Mind around sharing domestic duties and practical tools to redress the imbalance.

All the data from our first year of covid is in and Australian women bore the brunt of the ‘double & triple shift’ (domestic chores, home schooling, paid work), exacerbating an already uneven playing field when it comes to division of domestic labour. *

This is a highly applied, in-person workshop, delivered as a women-only experience, so you can get your head around your particular circumstances in a calm, considered way.

The sessions are designed to have you analyse what’s going on at your house in terms of shared domestic duties, remember who you were before you accidentally took on a disproportionate role (think cooking, cleaning, laundry, childcare, the mental load and emotional labour), and give you the tools to re-establish equity and order in your world.

In a safe space we practise for some of the more difficult conversations, aided by humour and levity while the group context means we can learn from others in the room. Enlightening and transformative, you will love the outcomes of this workshop and it will free up headspace for your corporate work, entrepreneurial pursuits, civic engagement or just more fun.


  • Greater headspace to be more productive at work
  • Less stress and arguing bringing greater efficiency to the home front
  • More time to spend on your ‘unicorn’ activities - those things you used to love pursuing and that you’re going to get right back to!


  • 1 day face-to-face
  • 2 group sessions on zoom fortnightly following the day

“You brought the material to life in such an accessible and humorous way. Thank you.”  

Deborah Brill

Artist & Graphic Designer


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