Gender Equality and Business Success

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This program gives you a highly interactive and experiential understanding of gender constructs that keep both women and men limited to certain roles and scripts in both their work and home lives. See what’s hiding in plain sight within our linguistic, cultural and managerial norms, and learn practical ways to overcome these outdated conventions. 

Understanding and being able to articulate the connection between workplace engagement, gender equality and business success is a must-have skillset for all executives and senior managers.

Sam has built her GQ course in collaboration with Erfan Daliri, social change consultant, author and trainer. He has designed and delivered his Systems Thinking for Social Change and Racial Justice programs internationally and has 20 years experience working with NGOs, community groups, corporate and government sectors clients.

Beyond Diversity and Inclusion, our program reframes the entire landscape, identifying conditions that hold outmoded practices in place and giving you a new perspective on organisational health.

Soundly backed by Australian and global data, the program will transform your understanding of Gender Equality and give you practical methods to overcome the barriers that limit full workforce engagement, participation and a sense of belonging.

Click here for a PDF outlining the program in more detail.

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““You brought the material to life in such an accessible and humorous way. Thank you.”  

Deborah Brill

Artist & Graphic Designer

"I have been able to reclaim a life for myself, beyond life as a carer."


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