Master your mindset
Build your resilience
Understand equality

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The State of Mind Capability Program

Designed for either Leadership Teams who want to lift their collective ambition and performance, or individuals wanting to build their own customised toolkit to lift their game, the State of Mind Capability program gives you practical, science-based tools to make you more resilient, focused and productive.

Offered in both face-to-face and online formats, by popular demand, this program will give you a stronger, more resilient State of Mind.

Choose a 1 day workshop, a 12 week ELT program, or something customised to your needs.

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Gender Equality and
Business Success

This program gives you a highly interactive and experiential understanding of gender constructs that keep both women and men limited to certain roles and scripts in both their work and home lives. See what’s hiding in plain sight within our linguistic, cultural and managerial norms, and learn practical ways to overcome these outdated conventions.

Understanding and being able to articulate the connection between workplace engagement, gender equality and business success is a must-have skillset for all executives and senior managers.

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Still the Mind
3 Minutes at a Time

N.O.W. Pods are amazingly simple devices that work by bringing our attention to our senses.

Drop into a theta / delta state in moments by holding the pods in your hands and focusing on the sound and vibration of these brilliant creations, inspired by the teachings of Eckhart Tolle.

Two small speakers that work together to create one singular meditative-style experience, they are unlike anything you’ve heard before.

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Master your mindset
Build your resilience
Understand equality

Women, it is time to defy convention, shift your mindset and remember what’s important to you. Conventions, whether they be in global economic models, corporate management models, or household models that reflect a gendered division of labour, are clearly not working for us, if the current state of the planet is anything to go by. Economic, ecological and social indicators all suggest our current narratives rely on assumptions that are no longer true, and it is time to rewrite narratives that reflect today’s reality.

The data is in and covid only amplified the message. Women are doing far more in the home, in addition to dominating the poorly paid caring and education sectors, while more women than men have lost their jobs or had their salaries reduced. It’s time to redress this imbalance by shining light on the inequity, unpacking the outdated assumptions and giving you highly practical tools to make change, both on a daily basis and with time, at the institutional level.

Women, it’s time to step up and not buy into the narratives that keep you small and silent.

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"The workshop was a fantastic opportunity to spend time reflecting on myself. It gave me smart and simple ways to see how small changes can dramatically improve how you interact with life's challenges. I found it empowering, intellectual and practical"

Candice Quartermain

Circular Economy Consultant & mother of young children


Challenger Bank
Deutsche Bank
Ernst & Young
Int Grammar School
Lend Lease
Mindful Mamas
MND and Me
Mortgage Choice
Reserve Bank of Australia
Salvation Army
South Sydney Rabbitohs
Southern Cross Protection
St Kilda AFL
Sydney Trains
Upstream (Fuji Xerox)
Zimmer Biomet

Salvation Army
Online Capability Program for 10,000 Staff

The Salvation Army was going through one of the most extensive mergers in the history of the organisation. All number of procedures and processes, from payroll to Learning Management Systems and everything in between, were being changed, divisions merged, positions lost.

Providing an easily accessible, 24/7 program via their own LMS was a high priority to help staff and officers deal with the stress, uncertainty and anxiety, which only increased exponentially as bushfires, covid and floods amplified the need for Salvation Army services across the country.


1 Day Corporate Resilience Testimonial

In May 2021, Nestle's Beverages and Dairy Teams felt they needed to reboot, step out of the office and upskill with some shared tools to hone their productivity, focus and creativity. The 1 day face-to-face workshop for all 60 staff, supplemented by access to the online program for the coming year, has placed them in good stead to be more aware of their triggers and better able to pause before reacting. This helps them bring a calmer, more considered response to the countless stressful situations they face on a daily basis, and helps them collectively use their time and energy to much greater effect. 


MND & Me
Not for Profit Carers Testimonial

Paul Olds, the co-founder of MND & Me, had heard of our work with the Rabbitohs and wanted to give the carers of people suffering from Motor Neurone Disease, the same tools we’d given to the football players. Having watched his best friend die of this diabolical disease, he knew the levels of stress, anxiety and despair the carers were under. 

And most, if not all, had no techniques or training to help them face this mentally and emotionally exhausting role.


Elite Athletes Testimonial

Michael Maguire, Head Coach of the Rabbitohs, knew that he had an exceptional team in physical terms, which only left the realm of the mind to explain the losses during the high pressure end of the season. 

He brought us in to help the players master their ‘inner game’, remove the noise from their heads and let them get on with what they had trained so hard to do – win match after match right up to the very end of the season.


3 Month Corporate Leadership Development Testimonial

When Spencer Bartlet, the GM of Cereal Partners Worldwide, realised his team had lost their drive and their results weren’t where he felt they could be, he decided to invest in mind training to help them get their winning approach back. 

We developed a customised 8 week program that involved skill development around mindset change. That year they smashed their targets and outperformed all other divisions globally on market share, profit growth and sales growth.



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